Well, the most obvious answer, is on the Science Fiction Channel. I do love the Sci-Fi channel, however, these are not the Aliens I’m talking about. What I’m talking about are the thousands upon thousands of cases that come from all around the world, reporting alien sightings and even encounters with Aliens themselves.

While no concrete proof of Aliens has been generated, there are thousands of photos and thousands of reports of encounters. This article will not attempt to explore these, but rather, provide you information so that you can look up more stories on your own.

Whether or not you believe in Aliens, you cannot deny the profusion of ‘little grey men’ into our popular culture. Certainly, even if you don’t believe these stories, they make for interesting reads, and reflect our societal values and culture at the time. Thus a healthy amount of open-minded view about the subject is needed, and even the most close-minded skeptics admit that the universe probably has life, in at least one other place. However, given the vast amount of stars that exist in our local area, we must entertain all possibilities.

I would recommend that you visit my site, listed below in the resource box. This site is a blog, a collective work between all of the viewers. With some readers providing content based upon their own experiences. Below you will find a link to view the blog, and an email to provide content. I ask that you post anonymously; and correctly format your post if you do decide to post.

Chris Patrick is an aspiring author, with an interest in unexplainable phenomenon. Tired of seeing only the same old UFO accounts on various websites, he started this site, so that anonymous people could post their accounts without fear of any reprisal or ridicule. If you would like to submit your own alien encounter account (or critique), you can do so here. If you do decide to post, he asks that you format and spell check, and you probably want to submit anonymously.

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